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What are the types of Water Purifiers available today?

If you’re looking for a Water Purifier for your home, it is best to be clear about the types available today. Water Purifiers come in both electrical and non-electrical variants. A non-electrical variant is a gravity-based Water Purifier that separates the clean drinking water from its contaminated part. While it is an inexpensive solution, bear in mind that it cannot filter out metals or solid contaminants in your water and is good only if you have a soft water supply.

An Electrical Water Purifier is ideal for removing dissolved solids (TDS) from your drinking water. It usually offers two variants, including UV (ultraviolet) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) to filter out the microorganisms from your water.

How to choose the best Water Purifier for yourself?

Choosing the best Water Purifier largely depends upon the level of TDS in your water. If you reside in a locality that uses borewells or groundwater, having an RO Water Purifier is beneficial as it can help you sieve heavy metals from your water source and make it safe for consumption. Similarly, if your water is overall safe to consume and you’re looking to overall disinfect it, a UV Water Purifier can do the trick just fine. If you’re still confused as to which one suits your needs the best, you can talk to one of our in-house experts.

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Enjoy fresh juices and blend ingredients effortlessly with a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sleek, compact, and powerful, juicer mixer grinders combine the functionalities of multiple appliances in one. You can enjoy fresh fruit juices, make delicious chutneys, grind pulses to make idli or dosa batter, and puree ingredients to make spicy curries – all with a single machine. At, you can find some of the best juicer mixer grinders from different brands, such as Faber, Crompton, Hindware, and more.

Why should you buy Juicer Mixer Grinders?

Buy a juicer mixer grinder online to get a plethora of tasks done, such as juicing, blending, mixing, grinding, pureeing, and crushing. Available in a range of sizes, speeds, and strengths, juicer mixer grinders, also known as simply juicer mixers, are a must-have in modern kitchens. For most Indian households, a 500W or 750W appliance should be sufficient, but, if necessary, you can even choose a more powerful one for optimal performance. If there isn’t much room on your kitchen countertop for storage, go for a smaller model, but if you often cook meals for your loved ones, consider upgrading to a larger one. You can choose just juicer machines if all you need to do is make fresh fruit juices at home. And nearly all juice makers and fruit juicers have sharp blades, so you can blend even hard fruits.

Buy juicer mixer grinders online

Order your favorite juicer mixer grinder online from and get it delivered to your doorstep. You won’t have to worry about any issues with your appliance. Moreover, besides juicer mixer grinders, you can also explore other appliances, such as hand blenders, choppers, wet grinders, food and dessert makers, food processors, and mixer grinders.

Add convenience to your daily cooking tasks with a Mixer Grinder

Are you looking for a high-performance and user-friendly addition to your kitchen? Opt for a powerful and versatile mixer grinder. This appliance is sure to simplify kitchen activities, like blending, grinding, and mixing. What’s more, it can perform all these necessary tasks within a matter of minutes. When you’re searching for mixer grinders online, you can check out various models, sizes, speeds, designs, and more. So, you can look up mixer grinder prices and pick one that fits your budget.

Factors to keep in mind before you buy Mixer Grinders online

When you are planning to buy mixer grinders, you should first think about how much electricity it would consume before making a purchase. In most cases, more wattage yields the best performance. You can pick a power consumption range of 500W to 750W to complete your day-to-day tasks. Besides, you can also check how many jars are available with a mixer grinder. Pick one that has three to five jars to accommodate your various grinding and mixing needs. The blades should be constructed of food-grade stainless steel for safe use. Additionally, buy mixer grinders that have overload and overheat protection for enhanced safety.

Buy mixer grinders at and enjoy doorstep delivery

You can browse various models, place an order online in a few simple clicks, and get a juicer mixer grinder delivered to your house. You can check out the product thoroughly using our shop with a video option and get a live demo from our in-store experts without having to leave your couch. Our trained professionals can even help you pick the best mixer based on your requirements. So, shop at today and browse our wide selection of mixer grinders, which includes models with three jars, two jars, and one jar, as well as wet grindersjuicers and blenders, hand blenders, food processors, choppers, and more.

Electric Kettles: Buy the most needed modern appliance

An electric kettle is an ideal device to boil water. No more worries of water getting too hot or hassles of reheating water again and again. Heat water in an Electric Kettle and use it for a variety of purposes – to make tea, instant coffee, and other hot beverages or pour it in a hot water bag. So, wait no more and buy Electric Kettles online in India at to get them delivered right to your doorstep. With a wide collection across brands, sizes, features, and prices, you are sure to find the right kettle for you at

Shop for Electric Kettles online at

Shop for your favorite Electric Kettle online at to get amazing cashback offers and discounts. Don’t forget to browse our range of other kitchen appliances like, mixer grinders, juice makers, and more.

Buy Toasters Sandwich Makers online at India

Sandwich toasters are a great option for sandwich enthusiasts. They not only make toasting much easier but also guarantee perfectly grilled sandwiches. These kitchen appliances have become increasingly popular among moms and office workers as they allow them to prepare nutritional snacks. Using and operating these culinary tools is simple. Just select your preferred ingredients, insert them between two slices of bread in your sandwich maker, and it’s ready! Bring home a grill sandwich machine and enjoy chicken, veggie-loaded, cheese, and grilled sandwiches – all made easily! Moreover, these cooking appliances can also let you come up with various delicious treats besides grilled sandwiches, like tortillas, pancakes, biscuits, puffs, and more. Check out your favorite sandwich toaster prices online from brands, like Faber, and more.