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Stoves Cooktops online at the best price in India

Cooking has always been a part of human lives. However, the means of cooking have changed over the past few decades. The traditional chulha has now been replaced with modern automatic gas stoves, & hobs,  And even though nearly all of us have a microwave convection oven in our kitchen, we prefer cooking on a stove cooktop. If you are looking for stove cooktops online, look no further than Here you can explore a wide range of gas stoves, kitchen hobs, and more.

Built-In Hobs online at the best price in India!

Different types of Stoves and Cooktops available online in India

Stove Cooktops can be divided into various types, based on their design and heat source. A gas stove is the most common and basic type of stove cooktop. It sits on your kitchen countertop and is connected to either an LPG cylinder or a pipe gas outlet. On the other hand, a hob is an in-built appliance that is inside or attached to your kitchen countertop. It is a permanent fixture in your kitchen and cannot be moved around like a gas stove. If your stove or hob runs on electricity, it is called an induction stove or induction hob.

Features available in Stoves Cooktops

Depending on the type of Stove Cooktop you choose, you can get a plethora of features. For gas hobs and stoves, auto ignition is a convenient feature to have as these stoves light/ignite on the press of a button/dial and don’t need a separate lighter. Different models also have a varied number of burners and burner size range, to cater to different family sizes.

How to choose the right stove and cooktops based on your requirements?

The first thing to decide when you want to buy Stove Cooktops is whether you want a gas stove, or a hob. If you decide to go for a Stove cooktop that runs on gas, you need to choose how many burners you want. While a 2-burner gas stove is ideal for a family of 2-3, a larger family is more likely to require 4+ burners of different sizes to ensure multiple dishes can be cooked at once.

If you are confused about which is the best Stove Cooktop for you, Simply schedule a call with our team 

Why Should Buy Stove Cooktops & Hobs from

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