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Buy Electric Chimneys online at the best price in Hyderabad

An Electric Chimney is perhaps the most important yet most overlooked kitchen appliance. It not only ensures that your kitchen is free of smoke, odors, smells, and vapors but also adds a touch of style and elegance to your modern kitchen decor. Given the rise in its popularity, many reputed brands like Elica, Faber, Crompton, whirlpool, and Hindware offer a wide variety of Electric Chimneys online. If you want to buy Electric Chimney for your home, look no further than Here you can explore a huge collection of Electric Chimneys across sizes, installation types, functions, and budgets.

What is an Electric Chimney?

Old factories always had a chimney, which was a pipe or vertical hollow structure that allowed the smoke and other gases inside a building to escape to the air outside. Similarly, an Electric Chimney is an electric device that is installed in the kitchen, usually above or near the stove, to suck out smoke, fume, oil particles, and other particles that are released during cooking. These devices keep the air in your kitchen clean and make cooking comfortable. And because they suck in smoke and oil fumes, your kitchen countertop, tiles, walls, and cabinets will no longer get frequently layered with grime.

Different types of Electric Chimneys available in India

To fit different needs and requirements, Electric Chimneys are available in different types of designs and styles. Based on how we place our stoves and cooktops in the kitchen, electric chimneys are designed and categorized as wall-mount chimneys, center island chimneys, and built-in chimneys. The wall-mounted chimneys are placed against the wall and they are ideal for small-sized kitchens. The center island chimneys require ducting from the roof as they are designed to stand in the middle of the kitchen. The built-in chimneys are integrated within the modular kitchen, and they go with the other furniture of the kitchen as one unit.

Electric kitchen chimneys can also be categorized basis of whether they have a duct. While chimneys with a duct are more efficient, ductless chimneys occupy lesser space and are said to blend in better with your kitchen decor.

Features available in Electric Chimneys India

Apart from the type and design, what distinguishes electrical chimneys from each other are the features they offer. The most important feature to consider is the device’s suction capacity or air flow rate, which refers to how much air the kitchen chimney can remove from a cubic meter in an hour. Another sought-after feature is auto-cleaning. As the name suggests, auto-clean chimneys are capable of keeping their parts clean by having a dedicated oil-collecting bowl. This makes cleaning the chimney easier and increases its lifetime as the chimney’s interiors are no longer corroded by grease and oil particles sticking to it. An automatic sensor that switches off the chimney when not required, an auto-start feature which starts the chimney automatically at a pre-defined time, a booster speed feature that operates the fan at a high speed to get rid of odour quickly, and a filter block indicator alerts the user when the filter needs cleaning are some other features to look out for.

How to choose the right Electric Chimneys based on your requirements? India

To get the best Electric Chimney for your kitchen, you need to keep a few things in mind such as chimney suction rate, size, and mounting style. The size of your kitchen and stove determines what is the ideal suction power for you. Similarly, you can choose between ceiling mount or wall-mount electric chimneys according to the space available in your kitchen. 

Why should you buy Electric Chimneys from

Electric Chimney prices can range between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. If you want to get amazing deals on Electric Chimneys for the kitchen, shop online at And while you are at it, don’t forget to explore our range of other kitchen appliances like cooktops, stoves, kitchen hobs, and induction stoves to upgrade your kitchen.